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1 Minute is All You Need..

Yesterday two of my clients came to our coaching session with a lot of stress. They were swirling in situations that they had no control over. My go to is to get them to see what they do have control over vs what they don't have control over.

And in this situation, I employed what's been working for me -


Learning how to calm my nervous system, with purposeful breathwork has helped me process through grief, personal challenges and business stress.

And a new staple I've added to my coaching work.

After doing a simple technique, we returned back to the thing they were getting coached on - only now they were returning with calm clarity. They were able to shift from what was originally stressing them out to accessing new thinking that contained creative solutions.

Fascinating how getting out of the chaos in your brain and into your body can help you access your higher level thinking!

And here's the really cool science why breathwork is so powerful:

  • It's the gateway to calm your nervous system. It moves you from your sympathetic nervous system - where fight or flight lives and into your parasympathetic nervous system where your rest and digest lives.

  • It increases oxygen to your brain. Getting more oxygen to your brain enhances your cognitive function, improves your focus and promotes mental clarity.

  • It interrupts the cycle of your repetitive thoughts. It's estimated our we are swimming in repetitive thoughts 95% of the time! Noticing your inhales and exhales takes your mind off of yesterdays events/conversations/do's and don'ts...

If you're interested in learning how to use breathwork to calm your nervous system, I've made a little video for you to try it out. Click here to view!

Here's to breathing through your stress this week!



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