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Running Backwards: Change your Perspective

Two weeks ago we ran a Thanksgiving 5k fundraiser. We ran through a forest preserve near my house that I’ve run hundreds of times over the last 16 years. I know this forest preserve like the back of my hand. I could tell you where the stream leads to and where all the bridges and secret trails are. But that day, the running course was set up backwards. COMPLETELY BACKWARDS. We ran the total opposite route from what I’d ever done.


Want to change your perspective – like quick? Do something you always do BACKWARDS. I couldn’t believe this was the same place I was so familiar with. And I couldn’t believe the things I never saw before, all this new found beauty I was noticing along the path. Most note worthy though, was coming from the opposite direction sparked an aliveness that caused me to soak up each and every moment of the run. I became unbelievably present to the experience I was having. It really shined a light on how often my routine activities are on cruise control…and I fall asleep at the wheel not noticing anything along the way.

How about you? Do you do some things the exact same way all the time? What if you did it backwards? As silly as it sounds, this week try and do 1 of your routines the opposite way you’ve always done them. Notice if anything shifts or changes for you. Maybe you experience a different perspective and as a result feel alive and present as if it you were doing it for the first time. I’d love to hear what you discovered. Drop a comment below, shoot me an email or hit me up on social media.

And check out my DECEMBER PEACE CHALLENGE! Everyday I’m posting a quote about simple truths that create peace inside of us.

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If you’re local and you missed my talk last night at LUXXE Organix – stay tuned! I’m rolling out more live events in 2017 that you won’t want to miss!!

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