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Mistakes: Bring it On!

I spent the last week in Birmingham Michigan, my soon to be new home, looking for a place to live.

This area is unfamiliar to me and trying to learn my way around was challenging. Especially the Michigan left (for everyone outside of Michigan – this is a road rule pertaining to making make left turns on major streets – very confusing.)

But something I noticed that kept happening: Every time I made a mistake driving, I discovered my way around which then triggered an exciting feeling because I learned something new.

THIS SHOCKED ME. . . Why? Because there was a time in my life when I’d get so upset EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. I made a mistake.

I would repeatedly say, “Why did I do that??!” …and then follow up with “I’m so stupid”“I’m so dumb” and on and on… I would exert so much energy on what I did wrong that it would take me 10x longer to get back on track.

Finally when I was back on track, I would be harder on myself to make sure I didn’t repeat the mistake again. . .ugh. You know what I’m talking about ladies, ugh to the negative self talk issues. Unfortunately it happens to all of us, I’m just grateful today to have the tools to not sit in the ugh, the way I used to.

Are you hard on yourself too? Here’s what I’ve found: The kinder I am to myself when I make a mistake, the more open I become to learning – without judgement holding me back. As a result, I end up learning quicker. That’s a mouthful, I know.

But it makes sense right? When we are learning in an environment that is open and positive, we learn easier. So here’s a couple of one – liners I like to use to get the energy flowing in the direction that will make me feel my best:

Mistakes happen so I can learn. I’VE SO GOT THIS!! I made a mistake. . . and it’s ok. I made a mistake – SO WHAT! Mistakes are part of life.

This mistake was here to teach me something.

BOTTOM LINE: Mistakes = GROWTH. Swap those in for whatever crazy insult your inner gremlin might throw at you and see how you feel.

As always I love hearing from you! Shoot me a reply and let me know if you are finding value from my emails.

Here’s to your mistakes, xoxo, Patricia

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