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Reason #2 - Connection

Last week I told you that one of the reasons why I had the best moms weekend EVER with my college boys was because I decided to show up 100%.

Now I want to give you Reason #2.

Every time I visit my boys at school, I make the trek solo. Six hours there and six hours back. And not knowing many moms (…it’s not elementary school anymore) I always stay in a hotel room by myself.

This year, I drove down and split an Airbnb with a few moms I know who have freshman kids.


And from the way the weekend rolled I realized just how much – W O M E N NEED W O M E N.

From the car ride there to the late night talks after being with our kids all day, to the car ride home, the conversations just kept flowing.

Discussions that started with what we were experiencing as our kids where getting older to what we do with our lives to struggles and suggestions for what we want for our future. Conversations weaving in and out with laughter and support and understanding. It was great to be heard and to learn that others go through the same things I do . . .

Do you ever think you’re the only one experiencing challenging stuff? YOU ARE NOT.

Letting your hair down and connecting with friends is not only GREAT for your SOUL, but it’s how we as women naturally know how to comfort each other. Just being with each other is T H E R A P E U T I C .

And the research backs this up. Studies have shown the compelling reasons why women need friendships. The benefits of good girlfriends are endless – enhancing our lives with better health mentally, physically and emotionally. Check out this GREAT article here in Huffington Post about this very topic.

Bottom line ladies – there’s no app or podcast or book or magazine that can replace human connection. We know this right? . . .

When my boys were little it was so easy to have social time with other moms. But as the kids get older those opportunities for socializing with other women are far and few between.

All the more reason to be intentional about connecting. . .

Is there a friend you’ve been meaning to catch up with, but just havent made the time?

Is there a girlfriend get away you’ve been talking about taking, but haven’t put it on the calendar yet?

Is there a fellow mom or neighbor you’d like to get to know a little better, but haven’t reach out for a coffee walk and talk (my fav..)?

Don’t let another week pass by, reach out and connect. You’ll be so happy you did and so will your girlfriend!

Expanding Positivity Everyday,



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