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My Latest Self Talk Strategy

How many of you talk to yourself. . . .


I’ve been doing this lately and have found the magic is in hearing my own voice talking to myself.

Similar to a conversation you have with a friend who listens and carries on with you, our friends don’t belittle, second guess or criticize us…(I hope yours don’t!!) And that’s the beauty of having a conversation out loud with yourself.

What I’ve noticed is that during these self talk sessions, I’m much kinder, compassionate and definitely more motivating and inspiring – towards me.

In situations where I’m confused or unclear, I ask out loud and then wait – I always get an answer. The coolest part is that my answer is coming from my heart – not my head.

How do I know this answer is coming from my heart?

Because I can tell in my body and it physically FEELS good.

The minute it starts to get confusing or unclear again – is a straight indication my head is trying to barge in and do the answering.

Are you too self conscious to do this? Here’s some ways to be incognito:

  • Roll up your windows in the car and drive and talk.

  • Put your headphones on and talk and walk

  • Step into the shower and talk it out as you wash up.

Interestingly I stumbled on this article that talks about the benefits of talking to yourself out loud. Seems like I’m not crazy after all ya’ll!!!

In my world I’ll just categorize this as another opportunity for self care. . . hope you do too!

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