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The Things We Say...

Last week I overheard my little guy say something that had me fuming enough do an FB live about it. Click here to view

PEOPLE! Your mind is so very powerful – use it to make your life better not worse.

When you say things to yourself without even giving it a second thought and you believe it – it takes on a story of its own and ultimately becomes the results you get in your life.

When you hear your inner critic shout out a negative comment or a limiting belief about something you can’t do, question your thought by asking yourself 1 simple question:

“Is this true?”

You will find that most of the time – like 99% of the time, the thought that’s making you feel less than is not even true, yet you are believing it.

It doesn’t have to be that way if you take the time to become aware of what you are saying. Sentences in your mind are made up of a string of words, use different words.

Here’s a great Lipmans test:

Does what you’re thinking about help you or break you down and create more stress?


Are your thoughts something you’d be proud of displayed on a highway billboard?


Rant over.

Have an amazing week filled with a ton of positive and supportive self talk -


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