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What Values Have to Do with Happiness

What do your values have to do with your happiness?

My first job out of college was a sales job with a territory that spanned northern Illinois, southern Wisconsin and eastern Iowa – all by car. I was driving 1000 miles a week. I spoke to people a total of 2 hours a day, otherwise I was alone with the country road from the time I left at 5:30 am until when I got home at 7:30 pm.

That experience threw me into a SEVERE unhappy zone. I would say now looking back, I definitely was in a depressed state of mind.

Little did I realize at the time that I was completely out of alignment with my most heavily weighted value – community.

One of the biggest aha moments my clients have is when they realize what their values are and then notice how their values show up in their lives – or not.

Maybe you’ve taken an aptitude test years ago that analyzed your values – are they still true today or have they shifted and changed?

More importantly – are you living in alignment with your values?

When you’re in alignment with what you value you feel good and happiness surrounds you. When you’re not, it throws everything off leaving you feeling confused, unsure and unfulfilled.

So if you value independence but consistently latch on to others because you can’t say no - you’re not in alignment with your values.

If you value honesty, but keep telling yourself lies about what you cannot do – you’re not in alignment with your values.

If you value inspiration but don’t seek to find it and sit in victim mode instead – you’re not in alignment with your values.

The decisions you make are derived from your values and you may not even be aware of it…

I certainly wasn’t.

Values are what drive us – discover and live in alignment with yours and you’ll be on the path to show up as your best self – CONSISTENTLY.

This month, I’ll be offering VALUE DISCOVERY SESSIONS. They will consist of a 30 minute complimentary call that will help you discover what you value and then help you with creating a manifesto for living your life in alignment with your values. If this interests you – schedule your free session here.

Here’s to discovering what drives you and incorporating it into your life.

As always keep it positive!


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