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Do the Work!

One of the biggest reasons why I can authentically share the power of mindset is because this is the work that literally changed the course of my happiness.

Sometimes I get clients who want to learn the secret sauce to having a strong positive mindset, which is what I LOVE to teach them –

but . . .

They want the shortcut.

They want to know it theoretically.

But don’t want to take the time to really employ it in their lives.

People! Doing the work – WORKS!

I’m not gonna lie – it’s a simple recipe – but not easy.

You see, your brain finds it so much easier to think and believe old thoughts about you – only because it’s what it has always done. That coupled with something called Negativity Bias will leave you not making the much desired changes as quickly.

What is Negativity Bias? Science has coined this term to describe how your brain naturally focuses on the negative 70% of the time vs the positive.

70%!!! – UGH.

All the more reason to learn and do the work of managing your mind instead of just knowing it intellectually.

If you’re anything like me, (which I think you are) becoming the CEO of your head will take your happiness to a whole new level.

Here’s to doing the work –


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