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Uncomfortable growth

More aha moments while on my mat this past week and more life revelations popped up as I was doing yoga.

People - this one is HUGE.

While standing and holding a warrior II pose, I noticed how UNCOMFORTABLE I was. My brain kept telling me to let my arms drop, stretch out my legs, let my shoulders slouch...

I was inches away from giving in to the part of my powerful brain that likes to stay in comfort zone. I was seconds aways from just collapsing....

Until I heard this:

"Patricia - holding this posture is so uncomfortable - just like life.

Some parts are so ridiculously uncomfortable and hard.

But you can do uncomfortable and can do it."

And every time I show my brain that I can do uncomfortable and hard - I grow.

My health coach and friend, Tami Daker recently told me, "Every time you push your muscles to their limit, your muscles grow. They expand what you can do for the next time".

I realized this is the same with life. Every time I sit through the uncomfortable and hard - I expand my limit of what I can handle.

I think this is why I love yoga so much. It's the things that happen on the mat that show me how to live off the mat.

Have an amazingly uncomfortable week friends,


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