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Determination: Are You Driving or Detouring it?

I talk to a lot of people who are in the "messy middle" of life.

And they feel disillusioned by their age.

They have society telling them what they "should" look like, how they "should" behave and what to expect at this "stage".

One of my current client's is trying to re-invent herself.

She is choosing to use the Great Resignation as an opportunity to take all of her experience and pivot into doing something she really loves.

As we were talking, she mentioned her age.

So I posed these questions:

"What if you had NO EXPIRATION DATE?"

"What if your age only ENHANCED what you want to do?"

"What would be your next step?"

In that moment the lightbulb went off and she began to vigorously spew ideas.

She ended the call with excitement and focus to start taking action.

Many times it's the things you say to yourself that drives or detours your determination.

The words, the sentences, the narrative you have can inspire you into action toward your wildest dreams OR it can cancel them out.

Words, Sentences, Narratives MATTER -

Be deliberate about using the ones that spark energy, invoke passion and tap into your life force to move forward!

So now I'll ask you -

With no expiration date, what would you do next?



...Are you tired of talking yourself out of what you really want?

Learn more about my new group coaching program based on Positive Intelligence®. This is an 8 week program that will quickly help you build your mental fitness so you operate from your true self - not from negative thinking. Along with my coaching you will have a guided phone app with daily challenges to build your mental muscle, feel calmer and make decisions that reflect your true desires.

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