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You know the saying "Learn from your Lessons" ?

I recently heard something that takes this statement and turns it upside down in the most brilliant way.

Instead of "learning from your lesson" to notice where you experienced "expansion".

This comes from Christine Kane's book, The Soul Sourced Entrepreneur. She writes:

"When you stop expecting lessons and start mining for expansion, you automatically nix the judgement and get interpretations more likely to move you toward your intention"


I thought about my presentation I gave to a national organization last week. It pushed me outside of my comfort zone from the content I created to speaking on stage to one of my largest audiences. My growth to prepare, market and execute expanded me to my next level ➡️ which aligns with my intention of being a powerful coach and motivational speaker.

What if you chose to review 2021 not as a year of lessons learned but rather - how did you expand yourself personally and professionally? What would you come up with?

I created three questions below to get you in the headspace of mining for your expansion:

  1. When did you stay committed - even when it felt hard?

  2. What did you do?

  3. How are you different today as a result of it?

I'd love to hear your answers. Reply and share with me!



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