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Inspiration or Fear?

Tell me -

Are you motivated by fear or inspiration?

I was having a conversation with client who was steadfast and committed to believing that fear was the most productive driver for her to use to get things done.

As we continued to talk, I challenged her thinking ('cuz that's what a coach does 🤓).

I asked her to share with me what it looks like when she's driven by fear to get something accomplished. She thought about it and replied:

  • I rally and burn both ends of the stick.

  • I hustle ALOT.

  • Subsequently my work outs, eating and sleep habits get neglected

  • Work starts to feels like a chore

  • I can hear my self talk pressuring me and use that to get to the finish line

Then we talked about how she feels when she's inspired.

I asked her what it might look like if she allowed herself to be driven by inspiration to get something accomplished. She started rattling off:

  • I would prioritize what to do first by what feels good

  • I'd be energized throughout the day

  • I'd stay committed to my habits of diet, exercise and sleep

  • I would use my creativity to have fun while working

  • I'd be motivated to do more, show up more, be more

After we talked about this, she had a 💡💡💡 moment...

She could see that both emotions get her to the end destination - but the journeys to each looked entirely different.

Let's just be clear - FEAR does get the job done.

But so does INSPIRATION.

So the next time, you hear your inner saboteur pressuring you to get something done - channel the energy of inspiration.



My passion is teaching clients how to handle challenges with a more positive mindset and less stress, by learning how to strengthen the part of their brain that serves them and quiet the part that sabotages them.

Ready to change? Let's connect.

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