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INTENTION INCUBATOR 2020: Step into the next decade regret - free

We are officially 50 days away from a new year and a new decade.

I'd like to ask you:

** What went right for you this year?

** What didn't go right?

**What would you like to do differently in the new year?

Taking time to answer these evaluating questions will give you a better opportunity to see what worked, what didn't and what you plan to do differently moving forward.

This is part of getting intentional about the life you want to live.

In an effort to help you do this, I've created a temporary pop up private Facebook group -

Starting today - Wednesday, I'll be doing live trainings and sharing principles you can apply to your life starting now.

HEADS UP - This is not a special blueprint or magic formula or cookie cutter process.

This is a training that will allow you to dive into clarifying what you really want, so your next year is not a regurgitation of this year with your bold goal sitting on the back burner.

You'll walk away with a clear intention of what you want and strategies to overcome the obstacles that may come up. So come Jan 1 you have momentum going into the new year.

Interested? Click here to join us!



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Patricia Cimino

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