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Relieve the Pressure & Get Better Results

You've heard yourself say it...the dreaded -

I have to (fill in the blank). . .

And the minute you hear yourself say it -

the pressure sets in.

Now you're dragging your feet to do the think you have to do.

Doesn't that suck?

This week I want to share 3 tips to kick this negative habit to the curb!

1) Make a list of all the things you have to do AND write it down.

2) Switch your words. Change the word HAVE TO to GET TO.

This radically changes how you feel by relieving the pressure of having to do something to feeling honored and privileged to do something. Getting to do something allows gratitude to be present.

3) Share your experience with one person. Tell them what you did and how you felt.

"The only prison walls that exist,

are the ones we build for ourselves."

Patricia Cimino

Drop a comment and let me know how it shifts for you!



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