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The Fix for Everything..

I know Valentines day is largely a Hallmark day BUT it's such a great reminder that LOVE is always a great option.

No matter how frustrated or fearful you get - you always have the option to come from LOVE.

When I tell this to my clients they look at me and ask... do I do that?

I'm not surprised by this question because it was the same question I asked... do I come from love?

This month I'll be sharing different ways you can express LOVE to yourself. Practices that may feel awkward at first but the long term benefits blow away any weirdness you may feel in the moment.

When you:

* Eliminate your self sabotaging comments and choose to talk to yourself like you'd talk to your best friend

* Stop asking yourself unproductive questions that lead to nowhere and choose to make purposeful inquires that lead to what you really want

* Notice when your focus goes straight to your fears and direct them to your dreams and the endless possibilities

You begin the process of loving yourself unconditionally and that radically changes how you show up for the next best chapter of your life.

And the best news is - it's all available to you.

This week I want to plant the seed of asking yourself this one powerful question whenever you're budding up against a challenge with something or someone:

How would love respond to this?

Then listen for the answer and act on it.



If you're ready to make serious changes in your life click here to schedule a clarity consult and find out how coaching with me can help you once and for all.

"Let your heart

tell your mind

what to do"

Patricia Cimino

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