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Elevate Your 


Emotional Intelligence



and rise to

your next level.



Patricia Cimino Coaching

Professional Growth




As a leader, executive, or entrepreneur, you understand the importance of reaching your goals and desires. 

Are you tired of allowing the voice of doubt hinder your success?

Do you find yourself shrinking back due to concerns about what others might think?

Are you ignoring your intuitive insights because they don't fit the traditional mold?

It's time to break free from these limitations and lead with confidence and clarity.


The Aligned Method is specifically tailored for leaders like you to help you overcome these obstacles.


A combination of cutting-edge neuroscience techniques to rewire your brain processes with positive psychology strategies that inspire action.

Integrated with the wisdom of eastern philosophies to enhance mind and body awareness, empowering you to achieve peak performance.

Don't settle for less than your best.


Embrace the Aligned Method and unlock your true leadership potential.


This powerful approach will boost your productivity, improve your decision-making, and provide you with a fresh perspective to make a lasting impact in your organization, business and beyond...


Lead with purpose, confidence, and passion, while feeling more fulfilled and present in the moment.

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