My name is 

Patricia Cimino





Are you letting the voice of 

doubt lead you to second guess

your decisions?


Is the fear of what others 

might think causing you 

to be invisible in the market?

Do you waste time and revenue

generating hours of your day

swirling in "I don't know" land ?

I can help you change that.

My focused, practical approach combines -



 retraining your brain process


positive psychology strategies

feel good methods inspiring action


eastern philosophies

principles of mind & body awareness 

to help you go from stuck

to taking action now.

Patricia, you have made my life so much better than I would have experienced walking alone.  I can’t thank you enough or convey how worth Every. Single. Penny. I have invested working with you has been the best investment I’ve ever made in my life. I trusted you as a long time friend, but have been blown away by the knowledge you’ve attained and how you so effortlessly help me apply your methods with incredible, almost unbelievable - visible results. I have created a career and businesses I love on my own terms and gained recognition as a leader in my roles.  Thank you for pulling out the best in me and empowering me to move forward confidently.

-Julie Brewer - Career Coach at University of Texas Austin, Owner of Compass Discoveries Career Coaching for students, Owner of

I know you are capable of amazing things, and I’ll hold on to that belief for you until you are ready to believe it yourself.”  Wow.  That was a powerful moment in my coaching with Patty because I knew it was 100% true.  Working with Patty transformed my mindset about myself and my business.  She helped me tackle self-doubt and kept me accountable - she never let me off the hook when I wasn't showing-up for myself.  I'm proud of myself for making this investment and I'm forever grateful to Patty.  As a result of our coaching sessions, I gained a new sense of self.  Making decisions in my life that honor what I want instead of worrying about disappointing others - it's such a freeing way to approach life!  Post-coaching, I feel so ready to work on my business and give it my all - thanks for everything, Patty!”
- Lisa Dienes Owner of Lisa D Yoga + Fit

“My work with Patricia has been truly instrumental in my personal and professional growth! My weekly coaching calls and continuous text support allowed me to stay focused on my professional goals and explore my emerging thoughts about creating my business. I chipped away at my old negative self-belief that I do not know enough, and my resulting perfectionism with Patricia's help.  I finally stopped letting my FEAR stifle me from creating my own AUTHENTIC business…a business that is uniquely me!  I became more aware of my innate gifts, slowly increased my visibility, and I finally moved ahead with my business in ways that I never knew I could!  I feel so blessed to have been able to engage and grow through this life-changing coaching relationship!  Patricia's encouraging and yet straightforward coaching style helped me feel supported, stay motivated, and be accountable for my follow-through with my weekly goals and dreams.”
- Gail Ann Bradshaw, Founder of Bodyful Connections

© Patricia Cimino 2020