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My name is 

Patricia Cimino

I help you

take your







and pivot

into your 




Are you feeling stuck professionally

trying to figure out what's next?

Do you feel like there's more to life but

you just can't tap into what it is?

Are you itching to do something 

that's meaningful  and will leave an impact?

But, you just don't know where to start. .

I have a simple, practical approach

that can help you

pivot into exactly what  

you were meant to do. 

"I am living my life by design. The best decision I ever made, was taking Patricia up on a coaching consult. I knew I had to work with her! As my coach, she knew my story, the hot mess that I was and the path I’m taking now. I just had the BIGGEST mental shift today. One that I never thought imaginable! All because Patricia coached me, she believed in me, and most importantly her coaching helped me believe in myself again."  Denise P.

© Patricia Cimino 2020