Patricia Cimino is on a mission.

As a Certified Life and Empowerment Coach she teaches solopreneurs and business leaders how to bust through the mental and emotional roadblocks that keep them stuck and build their inner confidence and self trust muscle.  As a result, her clients become more visible in the market, more valuable to their ideal clients and more profitable in their business

Patricia is a captivating speaker where she engages her audiences with her passion.

Empowering them to re-think what is possible, she extinguishes those limiting beliefs that keep people in holding patterns of indecision.  She inspires them to take action now - not someday.  Patricia has

been an expert featured on international podcast programs, featured on iTunes, IHeart Radio, and YouTube.


Patricia radiates high-energy and infuses possibility and optimism into her presentations and her

interactions with everyone she meets.

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Do you feel disconnected between where you are and where you want to be?  Are you sabotaging the future you desire?  Have you been playing small and not making the impact you seek?  Learn to be the CEO of your success by putting yourself in the drivers seat. Patricia shares three powerful shifts you need to make that will radically change the results you get as you go after your personal and professional goals.  Perfect practices for being proactive with your aspirations by executing your vision with intentionality. Learn the process for shifting your inner dialog from doubt to optimism, gain awareness and acquire the contributing factors that maximize your inner personal power.  



Do you feel like you are looking to someone else to give you the magic blueprint for what to do?  Are you positioning yourself to create the future you desire?  Does the thought of all of the stuff you have to do cause you to stall and not do anything?  Patricia has been there and can show you how to overcome it!  Many entrepreneurs set out with good intentions only to end up frustrated and failing as they consistently look outside of themselves for the answers.  Learn the 3 powerful secrets to become the entrepreneur you are destined to be.



Are you feeling more stress this past year than ever before?  Has this stess impacted your work and personal life?  As we continue to navigate our new normal, you will gain access to a simple recipe that detoxes away stress and negativity while highlighting how to manage your mind and master your personal and professional goals. Patricia’s detox recipe will give you practical tools you can use immediately to alleviate stress, increase happiness and boost overall wellbeing.