As an Empowerment Coach, I like to use the analogy of a car -

You can't get to where you want to go by looking in

the rear view mirror.  Coaching is all about today going forward.  

My job as your coach is to keep you focused on your GPS 

destination by keeping your eyes looking out the front window.  



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PLEASE NOTE: This is not some boring or pushy sales call.

The coaching consult is a chance for us to meet and for you

to share what you're currently experiencing and if it's a fit

I will share how we can work together.  It's a powerful

call that will give you insight to yourself. 

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"Before I started my coaching journey with Patricia, I had lived my entire life battling extremely negative and UNTRUE thoughts about myself. My greatest lesson I learned is becoming more AWARE of my thinking and having control over my thoughts. Coaching with Patricia was one of the BEST decisions of my entire life.”
- Dina Villa Manchilla - Market Leader Monat Global

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