Living with no regrets has been a theme in my life.

Every time I've had to make a big decision or

felt the itch to do something different, I've asked myself

"Is this something I will regret not doing later?"

My life's biggest achievements and greatest adventures

have come from simply answering that question.

Have you been feeling like time

is passing by and you're

still standing in the same spot?

And now with the world changing 

you're questioning everything, like what 

you're doing and how happy your are doing it?

Deep down you believe there's more -

you've had flutters of an idea pop into your brain 

 but then something stops you.

If this is what you're experiencing -

then I am the coach for you.

Because this is what I'm insanely good at.

My coaching is analogous to a light house.

I shine the light on the things your believing

about yourself that are actually 

 holding you back, keeping 

 you stuck and unfulfilled.

I stand in your blind spot and show you

the things that are getting in the way like 

excuses, procrastination, distraction.

And then I empower you with tools to help

yo take inspired action

toward what you really want - not what you 

think you have to settle for.

We work together -

So you can take your purpose

(what you feel called to do)


your passion (what you love)


your experience

(all your skills and talents)

to pivot into your best chapter of your life.


Through coaching you will learn:

  • Taking action from fear and doubt vs taking action from a calm and focused perspective will give you completely different results.

  • Learning how to focus on what you want NOT what you don't want.             

  • Creating self care strategies will dramatically impact

      how you feel and how you show up for yourself and others.

  • Having someone to hold you accountable will exponentially 

      increase your growth.

Working together you can:

  • Say goodbye to saying "I don't know" and feeling confused


  • Ditch negative self talk that's keeping you feeling doubtful

  • Start creating a life you love

You will

radically change how you

think, feel and behave.

You'll start to make changes in your life that

you never thought possible before. 

You'll stop waiting for things or people to change

and start taking action now - not someday. 

And walk away with new habits

that will last a lifetime.

"Before I started my coaching journey with Patricia,

I had lived my entire life battling extremely

negative and UNTRUE thoughts about myself. 
My greatest lesson I learned is becoming

more AWARE of my thinking and having control

over my thoughts. Coaching with Patricia was one

of the BEST decisions of my entire life.”

Dina M.


What is a WANT-A-PRE-NEUR?

© Patricia Cimino 2020