Doubt and fear lives in all of us.

Here's the secret - it doesn't have to squash our dreams.


What if you could learn how to

overcome the doubt and embrace the fear?

One of the biggest drivers of busting my own mental 

roadblocks has been to answer this question:

"Is this something I will regret not doing later?"

and then pay attention to my body for the answer.

My life's biggest achievements and greatest adventures

have come from listening to the answer from

my inner voice that's always there guiding me. . .

From ditching corporate America to 

backpack my way through Europe


Managing a family hospitality business

and increasing sales by 30%


Diving into becoming a fashion photo stylist

and landing a cover for an international magazine


Jumping into the tech boom working for a start up

and rising to the top as a sales leader


Hosting a charity event that 

fed and clothed an impoverished village in South America 


Building a successful socially conscious handbag business 

that sold in 33 stores and the profits built two libraries 


Becoming a yogi and inspiring my students 

to take action on and off the mat


Coaching individuals to

build their inner confidence and self trust muscle so they

can be visible and share their gifts and talents with the world.

It's this energy and passion I bring to

help my clients jump outside of their comfort zone

stretch their imagination for what's possible

and take action on their bold vision now - not someday.


My coaching is analogous to a light house;

I shine the light on the things you're 

believing and show you how

those beliefs are actually 

 holding you back from what you want.

Standing in your blind spot,

I expose what's getting in your way like 

excuses, procrastination and distractions.


I'll teach you how to have your own back 

and grow your self trust muscle,

so you can courageously take action

from your heart - your inner voice.

I'll help you shift your self talk

with words of empowerment and belief 

creating positive momentum toward 

your goals and dreams.


Through coaching you will learn:

  • Taking action from fear and doubt vs taking action from a calm and focused perspective will give you completely different results.

  • To focus on what you want - NOT on what you don't want.           

  • To create self care strategies that will dramatically impact

      how you feel and show up for yourself and others.

  • Having someone to hold you accountable will exponentially and rapidly increase your growth.

  • How to be visible and expand your reach.

  • Get lazar focused on income generating activities.


Working together you will:

  • Say goodbye to saying "I don't know" and feeling confused

  • Ditch negative self talk that's keeping you feeling doubtful

  • Allow your super powers to create daily flow

  • Learn to be the CEO of your mind

  • Tap into your body's intuition for internal guidance

  • Live from your future self - not your past

All of this will radically

change how you think, feel and act

ultimately changing your results.

You'll start to make changes in your life -

personally and professionally that you never

thought was possible before. 

You'll stop waiting for things or people to change 

so you can feel successful and accomplished.

And walk away with new habits & tools

that will last a lifetime.


What is a WANT-A-PRE-NEUR?