I chose to invest in life coaching with Patty to take my health and wellness business to the next level.  I value Patty's direct approach to coaching, the depth of her questions to unravel our thoughts, and her ability to uncover 'head junk' that may be holding us back not only in business, but in our relationships or other areas of our life.  

I had many "aha" moments during coaching with Patty and lessons learned I will carry with me forever. Choosing just one....I love how Patty helped me celebrate my WINS. I think too often we high-achieving, recovered-perfectionist types are easy to find fault in ourselves while overlooking all we've accomplished or achieved.  By celebrating each small WIN along the way, we are naturally energized and rewarded to keep doing what it takes to WIN in all aspects of our lives. 

I would highly recommend Patty's coaching to anyone looking to step up their game in business, relationships, finances or leadership. 

-Bobbi Diedrick, Arbonne Executive Regional Vice President 

I decided to pursue coaching with Patty during a time in which I was in a constant state of anxiety.  I learned SO much from my work with Patty and it has made me a much happier person and has allowed me to be the mom, wife, physician, daughter, friend, etc. I want to be.

I had two major “aha moments” during my 6 months with Patty.  One occurred when I realized that I truly have ALL the control over my emotions and that I cannot, no matter how much I want to or try to, control other people’s emotions.  This realization resulted in a switching being flipped…..in my anxiety turning off. 

My second “aha moment” was a product of creating my values manifesto.  I had been unclear of my core values for so long and truly lost sight of them.  Through creating my values manifesto, I realized that many of my anxious moments occur when the situation at hand is not aligned with my core values.  By creating my manifesto and really defining my values and keeping them in the forefront of my mind, I now find myself in far fewer such situations.  Erasing these moments of cognitive dissonance has been a major breakthrough for me.  It has allowed me to find the peace, calmness, and contentment that I was hoping to achieve by engaging in coaching with Patty.  Thank you Patty for all that you have taught me throughout our journey…. I will be forever grateful! 

- Dr Emily Lipsitz Greengard, MD 

Working with Patty was transformational. I came to Patty looking for help moving past the mental blocks and negative thoughts that were getting in the way of my business goals. With her guidance, I began to identify those thoughts and learn how to change them into positive ones. Patty encouraged me to listen to my own inner voice and to trust that voice to guide my decisions.  That was very uncomfortable for me and I never would have stayed in that quiet place listening to myself without her support!

 - Sandra Wallin, Owner of Lymphatic Wellness Clinic


This mastermind was such a gift. I went in thinking I would be gaining information and knowledge on how to help my business. Not only did it help my business, but sparked immense personal growth, created lasting relationships with the other members, and also reminded me of play and passion. The six months flew by, and it was very hard to say goodbye. 100 gold stars.

♥️ -Katelyn Coon


I met Patricia at just the right time.  While I am highly regarded at work, I didn’t think that I was projecting myself as a leader the way that I had seen so many other women speak with confidence, energy, and gravitas.  


Patricia was quickly able to identify thought patterns that were holding me back from bringing the best version of myself to each situation.  She shared with me simple yet powerful tools that immediately enabled me to change my mindset.  


Two months later, I feel so much more energized and internally aligned about whom I want to be. 


- Brenda H.

Just wanted to let you know how happy I am that you were my coach for six months.  I can’t even list all of the ways that my mindset has changed since working with you, but I list the ones that have been life altering for me.

I was feeling like a spectator in my own life, not really connected to anything that I was passionate about and feeling a little knocked around by the universe.  The work that we did defining goals has brought the excitement and passion back that I thought I lost.  It was always there.  The problem was I was giving up before I even tried to look at life with positivity and confidence.

That has all changed for me, and starting with journaling every morning and setting my intention for the day to just figuring out what I really want and how instrumental I am in the process has been an amazing journey for me.  Turning my negative feelings into true self-love and self-confidence is why I wake up now ready to see what the day has in store for me and making sure that I show up ready for the day.

I am blessed beyond belief to have met you and worked with you.  The proof is in the pudding.    My family has noticed the big positive change in me.  Very excited for the future!

- Cynthia C.


I had a session with my astonishing life coach, Patricia Cimino, one day and I will never forget this experience. We started our session by her asking me to picture my future self and life. Then, she guided me through a series of questions that really made me think and see who I wanted to be. This awakened something inside me that I would have otherwise not realized myself. I always go back to that vision in my head of me being happy, confident and successful and will forever be grateful for that and her!

- Kelly Hartford, owner of Card My Yard


Patricia, you have made my life so much better than I would have experienced walking alone.  I can’t thank you enough or convey how worth Every. Single. Penny. I have invested working with you has been the best investment I’ve ever made in my life. I trusted you as a long time friend, but have been blown away by the knowledge you’ve attained and how you so effortlessly help me apply your methods with incredible, almost unbelievable - visible results. I have created a career and business I love on my own terms and gained recognition as a leader in my roles.  Thank you for pulling out the best in me and empowering me to move forward confidently.

-Julie Brewer - Career Coach at University of Texas Austin, Owner of Compass Discoveries Career Coaching for students

My work with Patricia has been truly instrumental in my personal and professional growth! My weekly coaching calls and continuous text support allowed me to stay focused on my professional goals and explore my emerging thoughts about creating my business. I chipped away at my old negative self-belief that "I do not know enough," and my resulting perfectionism with Patricia's help.  I finally stopped letting my FEAR stifle me from creating my own AUTHENTIC business…a business that is uniquely me!  I became more aware of my innate gifts, slowly increased my visibility, and I finally moved ahead with my business in ways that I never knew I could!  I feel so blessed to have been able to engage and grow through this life-changing coaching relationship!  Patricia's encouraging and yet straightforward coaching style helped me feel supported, stay motivated, and be accountable for my follow-through with my weekly goals and dreams. 

- Gail Ann Bradshaw, Founder of Bodyful Connections

“I know you are capable of amazing things, and I’ll hold on to that belief for you until you are ready to believe it yourself.”  Wow.  That was a powerful moment in my coaching with Patty because I knew it was 100% true.  Working with Patty transformed my mindset about myself and my business.  She helped me tackle self-doubt and kept me accountable - she never let me off the hook when I wasn't showing-up for myself.  I'm proud of myself for making this investment and I'm forever grateful to Patty.  As a result of our coaching sessions, I gained a new sense of self.  Making decisions in my life that honor what I want instead of worrying about disappointing others - it's such a freeing way to approach life!  Post-coaching, I feel so ready to work on my business and give it my all - thanks for everything, Patty! 

- Lisa Dienes Owner of Lisa D Yoga + Fit

"Be ready to work hard and go deep on what's holding you back from reaching your potential.  I gave up on holding onto my past and worked with Patricia to write my future.  I've created new daily habits, changed my relationships with my kids, left an unfulfilling job and turned my "side hustle" into my full time gig!  Make the investment in yourself and work with Patty!”

- Coach Deb owner of Find Your Strong

I am living my life by design. The best decision I ever made, was taking Patricia up on a coaching consult. I knew I had to work with her! As my coach, she knew my story, the hot mess that I was and the path I’m taking now. I just had the BIGGEST mental shift today. One that I never thought imaginable! All because Patricia coached me, she believed in me, and most importantly her coaching helped me believe in myself again."  

- Denise P. Legal Nurse Consultant

Before I started my coaching journey with Patricia, I had lived my entire life battling extremely negative and UNTRUE thoughts about myself…."No, you can't."  "Oh, you'll never get there."  "Forget it.  You're not them.  So don't even try.” These messages had been playing in my brain for 46 out of my 51 years.   I never understood until I started working with Patty that this was the root of all of my problems.  TRULY.  It was mindset.  I had heard of "changing your mindset" before, but relied on my therapists to do it for me.  Learning to do it myself was never addressed until I met Patricia.  This was the GREATEST blessing in working with her.  It took me all these years to finally find my answers, to realize what was not exactly right with me.  My greatest lesson I learned is becoming more AWARE of my thinking.  Now I know how to approach the unknowns in my life as it happens with a healthy way of looking at it.  This is one of the BEST decisions of my entire life and it will prove the same for you.

- Dina Villa Manchilla - Market Leader Monat Global

A special thank you to Patty , my go to person for all things life related over the last six months.  To be honest, I've heard of life coaches, but never understood what they did or why I would need one.   Prior to working with her I felt indecisive, stuck and overwhelmed with life. After a short consultation I knew working with her was EXACTLY what I needed.  Week after week, Patty empowered me to clear my mental roadblocks standing in the way of my inner potential.  When I would finish a session, it felt as if a weight was lifted off my shoulders. Her ability to cut through the bs and hold you accountable is what made her the perfect coach to work with.  She is an unbiased voice of guidance who will lead you to short-term solutions, with long-term results, whether it be with yourself or your career. Highly recommend her to anyone looking for a positive change in their life.  Thank you Patty for your guidance and encouragement!

- Andrea Mistretta, Yoga Instructor and mom boss

Patty Cimino is a total pro. Her life coaching sessions helped me to learn an empowerment mindset that changed the way I approach everyday.  In just six months, I am happily on my way to pursuing my dream career and life goals with tools that would have taken years of therapy to unearth and develop.  I am grateful to know her and extremely fortunate to have found her.

- Maureen P