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Business Growth and Pounds

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

A year ago I took a radical new approach to my work as a coach and to my physical well being.

The net result was I grew my business by more than double and lost 15 lbs.

And it all stemmed from one thing.


What does this self love look like and how did it make such an impact on my life?

Self love can look different for each of us as we all have different ways of taking care of ourselves. I learned the more I paid attention to the way I was talking and treating myself and practicing strategies to improve it, the more I up leveled my mental and physical health.

I love the description of self love from CEO of Brain & Behavior Research foundation Dr. Jeffrey Borenstein:

Here's three powerful strategies to help you pump up your self love:

1) Start to say NO so you can say YES.

Get honest with the things you are agreeing to. If it does't feel good in your body or isn't aligned with your values - choose to opt out. Prioritize you by deciding what you want to allow in your life and what you don't want to tolerate anymore - personally and professionally. You'll start to feel happier more often and will find a ton of new found energy.

2) Love the skin you're in - flaws and all.

Find one thing you love about yourself. Every time you glance in the mirror tell yourself how much you love that particular thing. Whether it's your toes, your inzie belly button or a character trait like your dependability, repeat I love my ______________.

Remember no one can hear you, but you - so say it!

As you continue to practice this - your mind will naturally start to find other things to love about you.

3) Follow through on your word.

Start small. Follow through on what you say you're going to do. Think about the last time you committed to a friend - you probably wouldn't let them down - so don't let yourself down! Each time you follow through - your self trust muscle grows. What is one small thing you want to commit to doing by the end of today?

Here's to making self love an all year long habit, not just in February!



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