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Follow Your BEST Guide..

Did you know your best guide is with you ALL.THE.TIME? I'm not talking about Siri. I'm talking about your inner voice. Your inner voice is your best navigation system. The problem is that you may not trust it. When we don't trust our inner voice, we let the voice of reason - our brain, jump in and sabotage us. Here's the deal: * Your inner voice is always speaking from love. * Your inner voice is not second guessing what you desire. * Your inner voice wants nothing but the best for you. Here's something you can do right now to start moving toward what your inner voice is saying: Stop listening to the advise of other people if it does not match what you want. And if you want to take this work deeper - snag a spot this month for an inner voice session below. In one session you'll gain insights to what you really want without the interference of anyone else. Have an amazing week! xoxo, Patricia INNER VOICE SESSIONS NOW AVAILABLE for July! You've been hearing me talk lately about the power of body intelligence - our body holds all the answers. As an Inner Voice Facilitator, I am now offering 90 minute Inner Voice intensives. This is an opportunity to help you shut down all the noise internally and externally and receive answers on topics your mind has the most questions about. Book here for an Inner Voice Session.

"Working with Patty was transformational. I came to Patty looking for help moving past the mental blocks and negative thoughts that were getting in the way of my business goals. With her guidance, I began to identify those thoughts and learn how to change them into positive ones. Patty encouraged me to listen to my own inner voice and to trust that voice to guide my decisions. That was very uncomfortable for me and I never would have stayed in that quiet place listening to myself without her support!" -Sandra Wallin, owner

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