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How to Flow w/ Ease..

This week I want to share the 2nd practice from my road trip that had a massive impact on the day, our energy and the outcome desired. As my adult son and I were headed across the country to Los Angeles, he got a call that the apartment he was going to be renting fell through... 😵...🤯 He was panicked because this was the 3rd apartment that didn't pan out and seeing that we were a couple days away from arriving - he needed to find something quick! I could see his head start to spin with the worst case scenarios playing out, causing a major FREAK OUT. Can you relate? Have you ever counted on something happening and then it didn't and you found yourself hyper ventilating as to what to do? In that moment I began to play the EASY WAY game. The EASY WAY game is when you ask yourself: "What if this was easy - what would it look like?" Then you allow yourself to have fun creating a vision of ease and flow for the situation you're being challenged with. My coaching & yoga world calls this - planting the seed of intention for what could be possible. It may seem completely unrealistic in the moment - but when you let go and marinate in the best possible solution it FEELS better than the worst case scenario. Interestingly...when we arrived in LA, he went apartment hunting and within a few hours called me to say: "Mom - you're never going to believe this (yes I was grinning) ...the very first place we walked into was available and ready to rent. I put my deposit down and can move in on Monday." Exactly to the tee of his easy plan. Guess what? It can work for you too. So, where are you spinning? Where would it benefit you to create an easy plan? Your brain wants to convince you that it has to be hard to be worth it. That grinding, worrying and pushing through with angst is what gets the job done. Not true. Learning to create patterns of ease and flow allow you to naturally and effortlessly create solutions that feel good while simultaneously inspire you into action toward your desired result. This ease and flow is a big part of the process I help my clients incorporate into their daily lives toward their goals. One of my clients has been experimenting with ease and growing her Facebook group daily - without efforting. If you're thinking that you're hardwired for hard - reach out! I can help you get on the road to ease now - not someday. xoxo, Patricia

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