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Does This Ever Happen To You?

Have you ever caught yourself, believing something about someone or a situation that turned out to be totally off base?

I know I have!

Think about how much time we unknowingly spend crafting these false narratives in our minds. We get swept up in these stories we've concocted, and it's like time just slips away from us.

Plus, the emotional toll is no joke – investing a ton of energy into something that isn't even true . . . 😩

In my mental fitness fast track program Positive Intelligence, clients learn that our inner saboteurs – you know, those little voices that just love to judge – are the culprits behind many of these false assumptions. Sneaky, right?

So, I'm here to share a tool called the Assumption test and it's pretty simple.

Next time things start feeling a bit tough, take a pause.

Ask yourself: What assumptions am I making right now?

For instance, if someone hasn't returned your call, instead of jumping to conclusions like they're not interested, how about considering that they might be swamped with things? Makes you think, right?

Or imagine someone's acting distant and aloof with you.

Instead of assuming they don't like you, could it be that they're just shy or maybe even a bit intimidated? It's like turning on the empathy switch.

And then there's that feeling when you just can't seem to get something right. Before you start thinking you're not cut out for it, how about asking if you're missing some key info or skills? Maybe it's not about not having what it takes, but just needing to learn a bit more.

This week, go on an adventure of curiosity. When life throws a challenge your way, put that assumption test into practice. I'd love to hear how it goes.

Here's to managing the assumptions and staying grounded in reality. Have an amazing week -



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