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Ready to meet your future you?

Yesterday I did a very powerful exercise with a new client. I love starting with this exercise because it's serves as a roadmap for where the person wants to end up. What makes this exercise so powerful is that it's future based...

It's a bridge to your future self.

New clients walk away inspired and energized by what they experienced. Inspired because they connected with themselves on a level they never would've thought possible. Energized because it gets them excited about their life.

Tapping into and living your future self now is the quickest route to the results you want. When you become the person you want to be - today instead of 5 or 10 years from now, you show yourself what's possible - without excuses stopping you.

When was the last time you intentionally thought about the person you want to be?

Think about it -

Did you learn in school how to be this person?

Did you learn how to think on purpose?

If you're like me, you learned a lot of formulas and memorized answers for things you never again used.

Most likely you didn't learn how to manage your emotional life

or learn to question the things you doubted about yourself.

More importantly, you probably didn't learn that you are the creator of every single thing your brain is thinking and any thoughts that are not serving you (making you feel bad) are OPTIONAL. You don't have to think or believe them.

This is what I call DOUBT BUSTING. Questioning and changing all the stories you've been telling yourself that cause you to stay stuck. Then replacing them with new stories that empower you and are in alignment with the future you and the life you deeply want.


Once you learn this - you won't want to stay in stuck-zone!

Are you ready to meet your future self?

I'd love to help you.


"The only place the sun

has to shine - is in your mind"

- Patricia Cimino

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