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What's Stopping You?

Updated: May 14, 2021

There's a lot of fear going around these days.

It's not only inside our heads, it's all around us from the news on tv to our computer screens to people we talk to. It is blanketing us everywhere.

Fear is the thing that destroys dreams, keeps us playing small, and living an unfulfilled life.

While we can't control the fear that's been spread by others, we can control the fear we are creating for ourselves.

If you're having thoughts like:

"This is the worst time to go after what I really want."

"I should just stay put and not do anything right now."


Pandemic or not - that type of thinking will only keep you stuck.

What if this was one of the BEST times to go after what you really want?

What if you believed all this extra time is the PERFECT time to get clear on your vision and decide to make it happen?

How differently would you feel when the quarantine is over and you have something to show for your time in lock down?

This is EXACTLY what I'm helping my clients do right now.

They are doing what it takes now - so there's no regrets later.

This could be you too.

And don't just take my word for it . . .

I can help you. Reach out for a clarity consult - I'll share with you how coaching can impact and accelerate you into making your dream a reality.



...My clarity consult is a 45 minute call of you sharing what you truly want, what's getting in the way and how my coaching can help you. Click here for your complimentary call.


the result of listening to your soul"

Patricia Cimino

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