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11 Growth Provoking Questions

This week I offered to be Table Topics Master for my local Toastmasters group. Table Topics Master creates a theme and questions pertaining to the theme to ask each person in the hot seat. The person has 2 minutes to answer the question.

I created 11 thought provoking questions and wanted to pass them on to you to answer.

Now that you have some extra time - sit down and answer them. You might be surprised by what you write or notice where you can make some changes. Either way it's a great opportunity to look at you!

The topic: Growth during the Quarantine

  • How am I growing personally?

  • Where is my favorite place to hang out virutally?

  • What am I doing different in my daily routine?

  • What am I doing to change the way I work?

  • What creative ways am I connecting with others?

  • How do I give myself self-care?

  • What’s my favorite day of the week and why?

  • How have I been re-charging?

  • What new book or podcast have I enjoyed and why?

  • How am I creating new networking opportunities?

  • What’s been the best decision I’ve made since the quarantine started?

I'd love to hear your answers. Drop a comment below and share one with me!

Stay safe and healthy this week.



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