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Master Stress!

This week I was coaching a client who was convinced that she worked better when she lit the fire of fear in her to get things done. She told me that she needed the adrenaline rush for that push to the finish line.

...and then she proceeded to tell me how burnt out she was.

Do you use negative emotions to push yourself to get something done?

While using fear, anxiety, or self criticism to spur action, research reveals that it has severe consquences on our wellbeing and effectiveness.

Bottom line: you may hit your goals - but it won't be a happy or healthy journey getting there.

This week I'll be sharing how to use positive emotions to fuel yourself in my Bust End of the Year Stress with Mental Fitness Masterclass.

I'll be talking about how to build your mental muscles and operate at peak performance. You'll learn about the different saboteurs that are driving you and how to shift over to the sage part of your brain that positively impacts you.

Don't miss this opportunity to end the year with calm and ease, register HERE!



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