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Positive Physical Anchors

There are some things that

I just cannot part with. One of them being my watermelon Camper shoes I bought in Rome 15 years ago. Weathered and worn out, these little flats make me feel independent and carefree, young and stylish.

Every time I wear them, I am reminded of my travels and where my feet have brought me. On the days when I feel like life has got the best of me, I look down and am reminded that nothing lasts forever – not even my problems.

They remind me that everything is a process and going through a stuck zone is part of that process, but staying in it doesn’t have to be because I have all that I need to figure things out.

They remind me that sometimes showering myself with a good cry brings more good than harm because it refreshes my awareness to whats important.

They remind me of all the times I made lemonade with no lemons, because where there is a will there is a way when you want something bad enough.

They are my positive physical anchor. Just like an positive emotional anchor of a memory that we hold dear in our minds, physical anchors bring out the same stored up energy that feels so good.

So, what’s in your closet that instantly picks you up and makes you smile?

What’s your go-to that makes you walk a little taller, hold your chin up and not care what others think?

What’s your material anchor that you can touch, feel and wear that makes you feel beautiful, strong and alive?

PULL IT OUT AND PUT IT ON! These reminders are so important for our own self care. And they are just one more way to feel better everyday.

Never forget who you are and what you are capable of – even if it takes a little pair of shoes to remind you . . .

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