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Who Doesn't Love a lil' Appreciation?

Don’t you just love it when you get a text from your spouse thanking you for something you did?
Or when your teenager gives you a ginormous hug and kiss because you extended their curfew?
I know I do, after all who doesn’t love a little appreciation? I don’t think I know anyone who doesn’t appreciate appreciation. . .

I recently learned that there are 3 types of appreciation that people experience and every person falls into one of the three groups. The first is auditory, this group of people love to hear appreciation. The second is visual, this group likes to receive something they can see. The third is kinesthetic, these people need to feel appreciation.

In honor of our Thanksgiving holiday this week and national Graditude month in the US and Canada, I’d like you to think of someone who’s made an impact on your life. Figure out what their style is, then reach out to show them appreciation this week. Don’t know what they are? Use all 3 – tell them, show them and give them a big ol’ bear hug.

You may notice, giving appreciation feels just as good as receiving it.

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