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DITCH THE LIST: Decide How you Want to Feel Instead

Did you take time last week to write your New Year’s Resolutions?

If so, great.


This week I’d like to offer you the opportunity to –


I ditched my list five years ago. You see, every year I used to make a laundry list of resolutions and the list would always looked the same:

Loose weight.

Clean up debts.

Find my passion.

I would start off strong –

Commit to prepping my meals ahead of time & killing myself at the gym. Watch my budget like a hawk. Scour books and magazines to find out what I loved.

But, by mid February, I’d fall off.

Not because I wanted to, but because life seemed to get in the way.

Life would get in the way when my husband’s travel schedule left me single parenting. Shuffling kids here and there, taking care of a house, laundry, projects, left me short on time and patience. It was just easier to grab fast food than shop and prep meals. That certainly didn’t get me any closer to dropping weight or saving money. And who had time to sit around and read books? . . . Feeling guilty and negative for not following through again, I was done creating a laundry list of resolutions that went nowhere.

That’s when I stumbled on something another coach was talking about. She asked, “how do you want to feel this year?” It got me thinking.

I wanted to feel inspired to take care of my health.

I wanted to feel inspired about where I was headed financially.

I wanted to feel inspired to seek out and find my passions.


That word become my fuel. So in February, July and November when life would get in the way, I’d remember how I wanted to feel. I got busy creating thoughts that made me feel “inspired” and used the energy of that feeling to motivate me to take action.


This year, find a word that gives you that same excitement to move forward. Just one word, maybe it’s . . .

Unstoppable or Balanced or Peaceful

or whatever describes how you want to feel ALL YEAR LONG.

1 WORD – You decide.

Because in the end it’s never the “thing” we want, but the feeling that the “thing” gives us.

Here’s to 2017 and your powerful word.

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