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SELF CARE: What Walking Pneumonia Taught Me

Two days before Christmas I felt like a Mac truck hit me. Body aches, clogged nose, swollen throat and a headache so fierce I wanted to take sledge hammer to my head.

My physical health then effected my mental and emotional health. Patty Positive was no where to be found. Everything that came out of my mouth was like venum spewing out of a snake. My kids were completely freaked and wondered who this devil lady was…

Three diagnosis, three antibiotics and almost three weeks later, I learned I had walking pnemonia. How can this be? I’ve been the healthiest version of myself the last five years. How could I have gotten so sick?

Here’s how and here’s what walking pneumonia came to teach me:


Not only at night, but taking breaks during the day for a few minutes can be the quickest way to recharge your mind and your body.

Taking time to DO NOTHING IS OK.

WORRYING AND OVERTHINKING only exacerbates more stress.

SAYING NO is not going to harm anyone.

STRETCHING to “kill 2 birds with 1 stone” is just ridiculous.

CONNECTING WITH FRIENDS is not just a fun social thing but a must for your wellbeing.


How do you take care of yourself?

When you start to feel overwhelmed, do you step back or charge harder?

When your gut is saying no, but your mind is saying yes, which do you listen to?

Do you put everyone else’s needs ahead of yours?

As you start this new year off, make it a non negotiable to incorporate super self care into your daily routine.

Listen to what you body is saying – NOT your head. If it feels good to shut your eyes for 10 minutes, find a comfy couch or a parking lot (if in the car) and do it.

Your body knows.

Pay attention to it.

Even when your head wants to play the guilt game of



begins to analyze and rationalize


Your body speaks the truth.

Thank me later.



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