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Positivity: Are you Cheaping Out?

My husband Bill absolutely loves L’Occitane. In particular the mammoth sized lemon bar of soap. I remember the first time I saw it in the shower I was like,

“What the heck is this and why on God’s Earth would he spend $11 on a single bar of soap.” Annoyed at his purchase, my frugal Greek side was fuming.

Until I tried it, and all I have to say is..

I know exactly why he spent the money on that bar of soap! The fragrance – so fresh, so LEMONY clean. It was delicious Lathering up with that giant bar of soap made me feel like I was in a lemon grove in the south of France, I didn’t want to get out of the shower.

It got me thinking, why do I cheap out on things for myself? As a mom and a really resourceful women, I’ve always tried to stretch the dollar, usually at my expense. Making sure everyone else is taken care of has been my priority. This type of thinking has set a pattern for the way I buy things…

2 for $3.00 OR 1 for $4.99…

I’ll take the 2 for $3.00 deal.

Sound familiar?

Here’s what I’ve noticed as I catch myself calculating the cost of things in the grocery aisle:

If the $4.99 item makes me feel awesome, what good is it to have 2 of something else that I’m not really excited to use?

Just like those shoes I bought that were on sale, not my favs . . . but they were on SALE. And they sat in my closet, collecting dust. Was it worth the sale price?


Here’s my point:

If we spent money on the things that we ABSOLUTELY LOVE vs things that we like,

we begin to fill our life with all the the things we LOVE. Using the products and wearing the things that make us feel A-mazing.

Don’t think that it doesn’t matter – it does. Because if it makes you feel good or happy or confident – (or all 3!)

it’s another way to spread positivity into your day and life.

And another beautiful opportunity to show ourselves we are worth spending the money on.

Go ahead, treat yourself to the nicer brand of tea, the prettier bunch of fresh flowers, the better yoga mat.

Because in the bigger picture – IT ALL MATTERS.



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