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Showing Up 100%: PRICELESS

Earlier this month, I went down to my big boys college for Mothers Weekend. We laughed, we danced, we hiked, we had a B L A S T. Seeing both boys thriving in their environment and spending time with each of them as well as all together, reminded me of when they were little and we were always together…whaaaa!

At the tail end of the weekend they asked me how this trip compared to the previous ones I’ve attended. I told them –

“Hands down, this was the BEST one!”

For 2 Reasons.

REASON #1 - I decided ahead of time I was going to enjoy every minute of the weekend without distractions. I wasn’t going to be routinely checking in with Facebook, or consistently calling my husband, or habitually worrying about my little guy at home. And I intentionally decided not to take any form of work with me – no trying to squeeze in my blog writings or prep for my next yoga class.

Instead I decided to trust (LOL – my word for the year) that everything would be fine and let myself fully enjoy where I was. I wanted to be fully present in every moment of this short weekend.

I decided to show up 100%.

Between you and I, I couldn’t believe how disconnected I had become until I disconnected. And while I love social media just as much as you do, I realized the convenience of our tech phones, is a blessing and a curse – and one that we can control.

When was the last time you truly disconnected?

If you’ve made it a habit to ‘stay connected’ 24/7, how has this effected you?

Are you enjoying the moments or rushing through them?

Are you really listening to what someone is saying to you or drifting off to where you need to be next?

What if you took a break from all the distractions, how would your experience be different? How would how you show up?

Try it.

Then notice what you notice.

REASON #2 for the best weekend coming up next week. Stay tuned..

Until then, here’s to showing up 100%.



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