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Power Washing to Perfection

This weekend I decided to power wash my driveway and the stone wall that surrounds it. I borrowed my neighbors gas power washer and went to work. . .

I was blown away by the amount of dirt that had accumulated – and how quickly, at the blink of an eye – it was gone. This little machine became addictive, I then noticed my front pavers needed clea

ning along with the flagstone path to the front yard . . . everywhere I looked I saw more that I could clean.

Of course, the life coach in me saw something else…

As I was power washing the grime and grit away, it got me thinking about all the layers of dirt we have in our head. The layers of “I can’t do this” or “I wish I had done that.” All of the layers of regret and guilt for really stupid things, which of course at the time we don’t think is stupid. In those moments, we’re so caught up in our story about whatever is spinning in our head, that we think it’s the truth and we think its our reality…and 99% of the time – it’s not.

I also started to obsess with getting every spec of dirt off every brick and stone . . . the type A in me was coming out IN.A.BIG.WAY. And then I realized, it doesn’t matter if I get each stone or brick absolutely spotless, because it’s not about perfection, it’s about taking action and doing. Perfect is a great goal but not realistic. The only one that’s got that power is the Big Guy upstairs and since I’m not Him, I needed to take a chill. As I stepped back and looked at the driveway and pathways I could see I had made progress and that was A GREAT FEELING. I dropped the perfect model and was super proud of my efforts.

So 2 things I’d love to leave you with this week as June kicks off and summer begins:
  • When you start feeling low, discouraged or defeated know that you CAN power wash your thoughts away. You CAN create a better story for yourself. You CAN absolutely 100% shift a shitty feeling to an awesome feeling – and start again with a clean surface. I know this with absolute certainty because I don’t hold any magical powers, I am just as human as you are and I have done it – so can you.

  • Don’t wait for the perfect summer to unfold. Jump into it, be in the moment, say yes to what lights you up and strong enough to say no to the things that turn you off. Enjoy each day, if it’s not going according to your perfect plan for that day, SO WHAT …enjoy it anyways.

Have an amazing June!

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