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PSA: Positive Service Announcement

This week’s blog is a simple PSA . . .


When you’re noticing that you don’t feel like your awesome self, maybe you’re feeling down or deflated or unmotivated – take a minute to STOP and notice what you’re thinking about.

I never knew this.

I never knew that my emotions where brought on by what I was thinking. I thought it was reverse. And that’s what kept me in reactionary mode for . . . like, decades.

Learning to tune into your feelings and then notice what you’re thinking, is the fastest way to take control and be the boss of your mind.

This is something I practice over and over and over again with my clients AND MYSELF.


Have an amazing week.

. . . Are you having a moment? Are the could have’s and the should have’s of your past circulating over and over in your head? I help women stop the negative spin cycle and step into a positive healthy mindset . . . Mini sessions are the fastest way to check out what it’s like to be coached. Book a 30 minute free call and I can share how the above method can literally change your life. Contact me

to schedule an appointment.

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