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Confession Time

I’ve got a confession to make. . .

I haven’t been feeling too positive lately.

I’ve been feeling very uncertain.

I’ve been believing dumb stories I keep telling myself.

And believing these stories makes me feel off between my heart and my mind.

Believing these stories makes me feel like I want to hide and isolate from the world.

So not me!

And so not YOU.

Emotions are not always logical friends. And trying to ignore or stuff them under the rug just makes them stronger.

So here’s is what I decided to do:

Let myself have a good cry.

And I found some awesome research to back up the benefits of crying….

“A study performed by Dr. William H. Frey II at the St Paul-Ramsey Medical Centre found that stress-related tears and tears caused by physical irritants (think chopping an onion) are not one and the same. Tears that are provoked by stress help your body rid itself of nasty chemicals that raise cortisol (the stress hormone). ” I’m all for lowering cortisol ladies…


“A study performed at the University of Florida found that crying is more effective than any antidepressant on the market. A good cry improved the mood of 88.8% of weepers with only 8.4% reporting that crying made them feel worse.” YES, you read that right…

So here’s to a good healthy cry.

Here’s to feeling cleansed on the inside.

Here’s to knowing –

It doesn’t make you weak.

It doesn’t make you a victim.

It doesn’t make you a crybaby.

It makes you HUMAN.

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