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Climbing Over Fear

Last weekend I attended my first ever yoga retreat. I was expecting a lot of YOGA, what I wasn't expecting was a rope course and climbing wall 50 feet high to challenge my fears.

The first part of the course was a climbing wall, with these ridiculous small nooks that were only partially grooved making it hard to grip. And a crazy ass slanted ledge we had to climb over.. I stood in line as I waited my turn and just kept repeating my mantra –

“I can do this, I’ve got this.”

The mantra helped me get half way up at which point I stopped to catch my breath – and then look down. . .

And the moment I did was the moment all the doubts and fears and a massive paralyzation set in. I started focusing on how much my hands hurt, my age, my abilities. I opened the floodgates for all my limiting beliefs to take over my brain.

Stuck half way up, I only had 2 choices – continue climbing up or come back down. AND THERE WAS NO WAY I WAS COMING BACK DOWN! In that moment I told myself “just start moving again”. I sent my eyes up and went back to my mantra. I used the energy of how I was going to feel once I got to the top, to push me to the top.

Have you ever let distractions get you off track when you’re charging hard in the direction of a goal?

What if the next time that happens, you accept the distractions as part of the process and then send your eyes back to your goal?

What if you focus on how you’ll feel when you accomplish your goal and let the energy of that feeling push you back on track?

This week, whatever your working on – expect and accept distractions to pop up – then KEEP MOVING in the direction you want to go. You’ll end up with one more positive piece of evidence of what you’re capable of. . .

no matter what gets in your way.

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