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Are you a Priority? Non-Negotiables

The other day I got a group text for a car pool from a mom organizing a get together for our boys. One of the other moms replied she could not drive one way because she had an “appointment”. Later I got a call from her and she kind of under her breath told me her “appointment” was her work out that she didn’t want to miss.

She didn’t want to miss . . .

Her appointment with herself.

Her appointment with her health.

Her appointment with her commitment.


It got me thinking of how many times I re-arrange (like a crazy person), go out of my way, throw myself at the bottom of the list to accommodate others. And hey, I’m not suggesting to abandon our roles as moms, wives, partners or friends, but when we start to take ourselves seriously – our lives begin to change.

I admire my friend who honors herself enough to make herself a priority in her life. And the fact that she’s made certain the things that are important to her – like her health are non-negotiable.

Do you too notice that you blow yourself off to benefit others?

Do you create non-negotiables only to find you don’t stick to them?

I leave you with one question:

How can you make yourself a priority this week?

I’d love to know how it goes –

With tremendous positivity & possibility, Patricia

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