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Stop & Savor the Moment

This past weekend I was riding my bike home from my happy zone aka: Corepower Yoga.

Just like you, I had one of those crazy busy weeks and as I was riding, I noticed my mind going in and out of conversations and places I had been during that week. I was falling victim of my own “thought loop”. For those who are new to my blog – a thought loop is a thought you keep thinking over and over.

I caught myself and literally said “STOP PATTY”.

In that moment I sent my focus to all the fall leaves that were changing colors – how beautiful they were!

I started to notice the unusual warm wind of October hitting my cheeks – hello Chicago Indian summer!

I could hear the quiet clicking of my pedals and gears that had a calming rhythmic sound accompanied by the background leaves that where being shaken off the trees with each gentle breeze.

What amazing sensations and beauty I was surrounded by! I wanted to bottle up the moment. Since I couldn’t do that, I decided to SAVOR it instead.

Remembering that ride right now as I’m writing this blog brings me back to the feeling of joy and inner peace. So glad I decided to put my thought loop off to the side and notice the world around me.

This week, when you notice your mind going in overdrive – I’d like to offer you the opportunity to shift your focus to something in your environment that brings you joy and peace. Tune into all of your senses, notice every detail and SOAK.IT.IN.

Not only does this allow you to enjoy the moment – but when you return to the chaos of life you have a splice of time that you can savor. Your memory of it can bring you back to the moment and recreate the feelings you had – regardless of what’s happening around you.

As Barbara Fredrickson PhD, Professor of Psychology and author of book Positivity


“To savor simply means considering good events in such a way that you willfully generate, intensify, and prolong your heartfelt enjoyment of them.”

May you remember to be in the moment this week with all of your senses and create your own savoring memory to last a lifetime..

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