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Flowers - Expectations - Life

Have you ever noticed when you plant flowers in your pots or garden, you instinctively know that the seeds or buds are going to bloom into beautiful flowers?

You expect it without any thought that they won’t.

You don’t doubt whether or not they will open. You don’t doubt they will look beautiful. You don’t doubt they will make you smile.

You know with certainty that those seeds will look like the picture on the packaging and you know with certainty from your memory of flowers, that they will bloom in full color.

What if you thought that way about your life?

What if you had the mindset of certainty that tomorrow or next week or next month will be beautiful days for you?

How would you show up if you knew for certain that each day ahead will be an amazing day?

Imagine that.

Imagine without letting your inner critic stomp on your image.

A flower’s whole intention is to open up and bloom and bring beauty into the world.

Your life is no different.

You are meant to bloom.

You are meant to bring your beauty into world.

Now go! Bloom into your next chapter with the same certainty and expectancy as the flowers in your garden.

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