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Don't Respond: A Lesson in Doing Nothing

I was recently talking to a client who was stressing about making a decision to respond to someone in her life. She kept rehashing the conversation and questioning herself.

In that moment of confusion about what to do I offered her to – DO NOTHING.

Thats’ right. Do nothing. Walk away from the situation, maybe even sleep on it and then come back and address the issue.

This advise isn’t anything new. But so few rarely do it. Especially with today’s

technology – we want to respond as quick as possible when our smart phone dings with a text, email or pm…

But do you ever notice how much clarity you get when you give yourself the space away from something?

Grab your headphones and go for a walk, hit your local Starbucks for a fall spiced anything, or reach out and catch up with your mamma.. Just allow yourself to step away.

During that separation you’ll hear what you really want, you’ll hear the soft message of what to do from your heart, not your head rambling about the “shoulds”.

Do nothing.

Give yourself space.

Return with a knowing of what to do that feels authentic not obligatory.

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