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Your Most Valuable Commodity

Years ago I got sucked into the whole Law of Attraction movement…

And I loved it!

Come on now – who didn’t love The Secret?!?

I didn’t care if it was frowned on and looked at as “woo woo”.

Today as I learn about the 7 different chakra points in our body, there is no denying the insurmountable amount of evidence showing us how much energy our bodies hold.

How do you use your most valuable commodity – ENERGY?

Start with what you choose to focus on.

What you focus on is where your energy will flow.

Do you want to focus on what pissed you off yesterday?


Do you want to focus on how you can fill your soul today?

What you choose to think about and believe in contributes to how you feel.

And your experience will always match your energy. Because your energy is always telling life what you want more of, whether its positive or negative.

So when you try and think positive but deep down you don’t really believe the positive thought you’re trying to hold, you don’t end up feeling positive. Underneath there’s a doubting negative thought that your vibing – and that will always outweigh any positive thinking. And believing that doubt will attract more doubts in your life.

Make sense?

Send your thoughts to the things that you want that make you feel GREAT and let that energy unleash out into the world to bring more of the things that make you feel awesome.

The most important decision you make each morning is what energy you choose to bring into the world that day.

Choose what you want more of.

Then be ready to embrace what life brings you.

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