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Having FOMO and What I Learned...

I hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving. This year I decided to shut down my electronics and really be present for myself and my family.

Did I have a bit of FOMO going on?

YOU BET – you all know how much I love social media!

But guess what?

What I gained was much more than what I thought I was missing out on.

Here’s what I noticed:

I was much calmer even as my college boys wrestled each other – all over the house.

I was much more patient as I watched the S L O W clean up of messy bedrooms and a basement that looked like a frat house.

I was more present as I spoke to my husband and listened to my very social 11 year old rattle off where he wanted to go every minute of the break.

I’ll take gaining calm, patience and presence over stressing, panic and the running to catch up feeling any day of the week!

As we officially begin the holiday season, I’d love to offer you to put some boundaries around your electronics too.

If you find yourself stressing over a missed text, pm or email or getting annoyed at Facebook comments –

STOP what you’re doing, DROP away from the devise and BREATHE.

Re-focus on the present moment of whatever you were doing before the electronic frenzy. It really is that simple.

Play this little game of Stop, Drop and Breathe, and see if you enjoy the season more than any other. Shoot me a reply and let me know how it goes.

As I close this message I’m extending heartfelt gratitude for sharing some of your moments every week as you read my emails. I hope they create a positive shift in your mindset – even if its just to slow down and remind you of the simple things we all have access to.

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