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Conversations with Moms

For the last 10 years, not a week goes by without a conversation with another mom about “what’s next”..

Don’t get me wrong, these are moms who LOVE being a parent, they love motherhood. These women are educated, have held successful careers prior to deciding to stay home and now face the ‘what’s next’ syndrome as their kids are getting older. The burning desire to do something outside of motherhood started as a subtle whisper and has turned into a screaming roar.

Some of them hear this voice, but lack clarity of what they want. Others know what they want, but lack the confidence to make it happen. And some know what it is they want, have the confidence to pull it off, but for all kinds of reasons – haven’t done it.

All of them are what I call “WANT-TA-PRENEURS”.

Is this you?

Is there something buzzing in your ear but you can’t put your finger on what it is?

Is there an amazing idea you keep thinking about – but you keep second guessing it?

Is there a cause that stirs your soul but you don’t believe that you can make a difference?

At the end of this year – December 31, 2018 how much closer will you be to making “this thing” become a reality?

Don’t let another year fly by, the world is waiting for your contribution big or small.

Make 2018 the year you take steps to honor your calling and true desires.

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