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Letting go of expectations..


Have you ever just let them go?

I did this weekend and guess what?


You see, my husband's latest craze is fly fishing and his weekend plan was to go camping. I'm not really a camping woman, but I put my big girl pants on and decided to release all anxiety of sleeping on the hard ground in the cold temps (upper Michigan) and instead embrace connecting with spontaneity, nature and the moment.

I'm so glad I did! Releasing what it "should" look like and being in the now was the best self care I could have given myself.

Here's what I had to let go of:

  • "I need to clock some business hours while I'm away."

  • "I have to keep posting or my social media algorithms will be screwed up."

  • "The ground is as hard as a rock and my should hurts."

  • "I'd rather be in a hotel suite with comfy sheets and pillows."

Here's what I focused on instead:

  • Listening to the crackling fire at night while gazing at the most spectacular star show.

  • Having heart to heart conversations with my sons with no internet disrupting us.

  • Waking up to the sunrise and the birds as my giant gentle alarm clock.

  • Taking advantage of a 24 hour slow down period that felt like a week.

Here's the result:

  • By stepping away I got lazar focused on what I need to do this week.

  • I gained "thinking" time without any distractions which allowed me to marinate on some big goals.

  • I got to tightened the bond with my boys and hubs.

  • I enjoyed a calmness that refreshed me to be the best version of myself.

Here's my simple challenge for you this week:

Let go of any expectations you are currently holding for a 24 hr period and notice how you feel and how you show up after doing so.

Would love to know your outcomes and how you benefited. Feel free to drop me a comment below.

Until next week - embrace the moment,


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