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More trust..

A lesson in trust.

I saw this shell rolling in the waves under my feet on our first beach day. I kept trying to grab it - but the crashing waves against the shore continued to send it back into the ocean...

Look what showed up at my feet the last day of our vacation - the shell 😍 You may think it’s coincidence or luck or chance, I’m choosing to believe God always gives you what you want 💫

What if you truly believed that God or the Universe always has your back?

How would you feel knowing that you are exactly where you are suppose to be right now?

Who would you become as you move forward with certainty into the next chapter of you?

This shell is a positive physical anchor to remind me of my work to inspire, support and encourage you to step into the next best version of you...

what are you waiting for?

I'd love to know...


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