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Inspiration Challenge!

Last week I did an live stream on the power of taking action when you get a burst of inspiration. You can see it here.

I felt compelled to talk about it and challenged my viewers to take action the minute inspiration strikes.


Because when you take action from your inspiration IN THE MOMENT IT HAPPENS - you have an opportunity to impact other people's lives.

When you don’t - you don’t.

Instead, you give your brain the opportunity to CONVINCE you why it’s a bad idea.

You give permission to your inner critic to squash any and all inspiration.

And guess who benefits then?


What if your favorite author, vlogger or podcaster never acted on the inspiration they got to write, vlog or podcast?

This week I want to continue to challenge you to take action the minute you get a burst of inspiration.

And taking action when inspiration strikes can look like anything from speaking up during a meeting, reaching out to someone you haven't seen in a long time, jumping on line to post something that could bring value to others.

Your inspiration - your call......Just do it!!

I’d love for you to tag me or tell me when you do. It’s always fun to see what transpires when being challenged.

Have a great week,


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