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Letting go of perfectionism..

Last weekend I partook in a fall equinox yoga retreat. It consisted of doing 108 sun salutations. For those of you not into yoga, it's doing the same movements in a sequence 108 times. Yes! There's significance to the number 108 - but that's another blog post 😉..

As we were moving through the sequence the instructor kept saying "let go" and "surrender" - I know these are very common yoga terms.

But what I didn't know was how much I was resisting doing that in my life. I didn't realize until that moment, all the areas I've been recently trying to do everything "perfectly" and the only place it's truly led me to - is frustration and stuck zone.



Have you ever got caught in the web of perfectionism?

Have you ever felt like you couldn't move forward until everything was 'perfect'?

I know from the coaching sessions I've had with my clients, I'm not alone on this.

As I kept moving through the 108 sun salutations, I decided to put down the sheild of resistance and just surrender.

* Surrender to how my yoga practice is suppose to look.

* Surrender to how my body is suppose to look.

* Surrender to how my business is suppose to look.

Surrender consisted of hearing myself saying the words SO WHAT...

so what if I look sloppy on my mat...

so what if my body is out of shape at the moment...

so what if my business is not where I want it...

I can't describe the tremendous relief that washed over me.

Is there something you're stuck in paralysis over because it's not exactly the way you want it?

Has the wave of second guessing yourself to death set in to the point that you've lost your inspiration to do it?

In this moment I'd love to offer you to add those two words SO WHAT to whatever your agonizing over and just let go.

Then allow yourself to surrender without a 'perfect' image of what it's suppose to look like but instead accept what it does look like and move forward from there.

Make it an amazing week friends,


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