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The skinny on TRUST

You all know I'm big on the Word of Year over new years resolutions. Last year my word was TRUST.

It took a lot of effort to build my self trust muscle but by the end of the year I felt pretty damn good about being able to rely on myself for the answers I needed.

Until last week. I fell off my game. I started to listen to too many other people and found myself dependent on their response and their knowledge vs going inward and trusting my own. Ugh. What a horrible feeling.

Where are you on the trust meter?...

Do you trust with a firm belief in your ability?

What happens to your trust when self doubt creeps in?

Do you trust that everything is happening FOR you or do you think the universe is battling AGAINST you?

Do you remember to lean into trust when everything is going wrong?

If you're struggling to answer any of the above questions - I'd like to offer you 3 simple tips to start building your trust muscle:

  • Manage your self talk - use compassion and empowering words when you talk to yourself. Words have power and using them to be kind and loving will build your self trust quicker than slamming yourself with negative self talk...(if you're experiencing this one - reach out, I'm a master at it 😉)

  • Honor your emotions - follow the guidance within you.We all have an inner voice. Maybe you've covered yours up. Start to learn to listen to the whisper of your heart. It's always leading you to your truth - even when your brain wants to tell you things that discredit yourself.

  • Follow through - Do what you say your going to do.Every time you commit and follow through you build your trust muscle. You know you can rely on you - because you have.

BOTTOM LINE - The more you practice self trust - the more you begin to trust yourself.

You got this.



...last month my client had a breakthrough in this area of trust. She committed to leaning into HERSELF instead of asking everyone for their opinions...let's just say she's walking 10' tall this month. Incredible when you decide to make a change. Would love to hear how trust plays out in your life. Drop me a comment below or shoot me a reply here.

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